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A small room is a challenge to paint and decorate. Color is an important part of decorating a room, because it affects how the room feels to its occupants. Light colors are ideal for making a room feel bigger, but there are certain shades that can make thee feel calm and relaxing as well..Bedroom Colors Bedrooms Color Design Materials and Supplies Paint Paint Your Way to a Better Night’s Sleep Experts say colors like blue and gray can create a more calming environment..A light gray is the perfect color to paint a room to create a calm and relaxing environment. Add in elements that are blue and white to complete thee..For a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom, look to cooler hues shades of gray, blue, green and purple to lend a hand. These colors have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety..Most Relaxing Paint Colors for Bedroom Locating the colors to create one’s room is not a light test. Individuals invest a great deal of time in their bedrooms. As a result, developing a relaxing aura and tone is very important for fantastic mental health and wellness and a well balanced lifestyle..The most relaxing colors are generally believed to be cool shades such as green and blue. Designers, psychologists, feng shui experts, and advertisers all agree that blues and greens make us feel calm, balanced, and less emotional..He suggests painting bedroom walls in a calming color, and instead of painting the ceiling white, using a dark color, which he says makes it easier to sleep during the day. Kids’ bedroom colors While sleep deprivation typi.y focuses ons, don’t forget about children’s bedrooms, Contreras says..Getting a good night’s rest has never been easier thanks to our collection of calming bedroom paint colors. Whether you prefer dreamy dark grays or light and airy lavender, these feel good favorites provide a tranquil retreat .Calming Paint Colors That Give a Room a Relaxing Vibe. Nothing says “namaste” quite like purple..The most calming colors are usually in the blue family, but muted, dusty shades of other colors can also be soothing, according to Jackie Jordan, Sherwin Williams director of color marketing. Click through the slideshow below for calming colors to de stress your home..