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Water and sewage fees are oftentimes included in your monthly rent. If they aren’t, you will most likely be billed for your water and sewage usage by your city. On average, dry cities like Las Vegas and Phoenix have higher water usage rates than places like New Orleans and Portland, where the average annual rainfall is much higher..Your electric bill is pretty average the boston globe for bedroom apartment picture water what usage family of cost per month utility estimator by address phone x electricity..What is the average water bill for a bedroom of an average bedroom apartment in New York City? the average water bill for an apartment?.WhiteFence estimates that as of June , the average home pays almost $ in utility costs per month. Nocy provides energy usage or utility cost data based on the type of dwelling, but since apartments are often smaller than houses, the average utility bill for an apartment may be lower. Several factors can determine this..The average monthly water bill has several costs rolled in to one payment. Primarily, your water bill consists of charges you accrued by using water inside your home. Your water bill can include other monthly charges. For example, many utility providers place a monthly service charge on your bill..We reveal the average water bill in the UK and explain what you can do to reduce yours. The average water bill for England and Wales is set to rise by , or , for the year. Water UK, which represents and works with the major water and sewerage service providers, says this will mean households will pay a year on average..For apartment renters, whose rent does not cover water, what is typi.y the most expensive time of the year for you and how much do you, in .Water is included in the rent in the majority of one bedroom apartments in Chicago. For a landlord to charge you for water there would usually have to be a .I’m moving to Houston in about a week and was wondering what I could expect for a water bill for a one bedroom apartment? Thanks!.Average electricity gas bill? renting bedroom gas and water usage. on average I paid $ months electric in a bedroom apartment .