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Our sewer bill is a fixed $ per month, water bill about $ per month for usage at gallons per month average, garbage bill $ per month and average electric bill at about $ per month. We use gas for water heating, co.ng, clothes drying and comfort heating, the total bill averaging about $ per month..When considering average utility costs per month, electricity and gas are likely to be your most expensive bills. If you want to bring the prices down a bit, take the size of your apartment and the general climate into account..I’m moving into a bath apartment, s in Pompano, FL. This is my first apartment so i an trying to get an estimate of the Electric and possibly water bill. While water is currently included for the next couple of months i would like to get an idea of how much water would cost per month. Thank you in advance. Reply. MFA Editors August th, . Hi S.y, Since water bill is calculated based on usage, it’s tough to estimate..Average water bill for bedroom apartment bill for a two bedroom apartment in water_bill_for_a__bedroom_apartment_in_philadelphia qna.html.My First Apartment lists the Check this post for average water bills from our I was lo.ng for the average cost of water for a two bedroom two person .How much is an average monthly water bill for a one bedroom apartment? Average water bill in one bedroom apartment for_a_one_bedroom_apartment qna.html.Next, the water company that serves the target area and ask what the average monthly water bill is for your target property. Then divide the monthly bill for the complex by the number of apartments involved and you’ll arrive at the average monthly water bill for a bedroom unit in the area..What is the average water bill for a bedroom apartment in New York City? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. What is the average water bill for a bedroom apartment in .If you live in a place with average weather, you’ll be running your A C May September and spending about $ $ a month extra on your electric bill. However, if you live in a really place, like Phoenix or Dallas, you’re going to be paying a lot more per month, for more months $ $ a month plus regular electricity costs , for eight months a year..